3 Summer Landscape Tips From a Landscaping Professional

Enjoy Outdoor Space This Summer Season!

For many people, summer is the time when they enjoy their yard the most — but for many of its plants, the blazing sun and scant rainfall of the hottest months pose life-and-death challenges. Here are 3 summer landscape tips from a landscaping professional that’ll let you enjoy your outdoor space.

Water smartly

Keeping your lawn and plants healthy in a sustainable manner throughout the summer drought is the season’s key landscaping challenge. Use the hose during the early morning. At the hottest times of day, it’s too hot to water grass and the water evaporates rapidly, wasting resources and failing to hydrate your plants. Aim to add 1 inch of water per week to your lawn. Understand the requirements of your soil. Different kinds of soil need different watering frequencies — plants in clay soil need to be watered less frequently than those in sandy soil.

Mow the Grass to the Right Length

While many homeowners cut their grass as short as possible to cut down on the frequency of the chore, cutting the grass too short, however, makes it more susceptible to drought and can quickly result in brown, dead patches. The ideal length depends on your climate, but if you’re not sure, select the mower’s longest setting. Taller grass requires less fertilizer, stays green for longer, and helps shade the soil.

Use the Right Feed and Fertilizer

The right fertilizer is essential to maintaining the appearance and health of your lawn, but too much fertilizer, or the wrong kind, can do more harm than good. In the summertime, the best broad option will be a slow-release fertilizer with a lower nitrogen content, but make sure to understand your grass’s specific needs to make the right choice. Likewise, different types of grass need different nutrients to thrive over the course of a long, hot summer. Make sure to choose an appropriate plant food.

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