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Get the Right Landscaping Service

The exterior of your property is the first thing that people will see whether they are going in or passing by. That’s why it’s important that the exterior is aesthetically pleasing all the time. If you turn to JJ Landscape Service INC for a landscaping service, you can be assured that the exterior of your property looks great all the time. From installing the right elements to keeping them well-maintained, you can leave it all to us. To know what we can do to keep your property in Palm Springs, FL at its top shape, check out our services below.

Landscaping Services We Offer

Residential Landscaping

Residential Landscaping
There are plenty of things that can be done for the exterior of your home. Whether we have to handle a small or big area we make sure we give our 100% to it. It's up to you how many elements you want on your lawn, we will make sure it will look great and well-maintained.

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping
We have become one of the trusted commercial landscaping contractors in the locality because we produce what we promise. We do not cut corners when we work, we want to make sure the things that we are doing now will make your building look great even from the outside.

Industrial Landscaping

Industrial Landscaping
Keeping the exterior or industrial buildings and warehouses aesthetically pleasing is equally important just like other places. There are plenty of designs that you can choose from to maintain the curb appeal of your property. You can go with a simple lawn or go big with the design.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance
To keep the beauty of your lawn, it has to be well-maintained. We can go to your place for lawn maintenance as often as necessary. This will depend on the elements that you have on your lawn. You can set a schedule with us so we can go to your place regularly to take care of the lawn.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming
Depending on the type and age of the trees on your property, they should be trimmed every 3 to 5 years. If you notice that branches are already dead or they have reached areas that could cause problems, better give us a call right away. We will be at your place fully equipped.


by Linda C. on JJ Landscape Service INC
Great Service!

I have been using JJ Landscape Service, Inc. for almost 3 years. My landscaping and lawn never looked so good! Josue, the owner, is on top of things all the time, whether it is the lawn, trimming, or refreshing the landscaping with seasonal flowers. He is reliable, respectable and knows how to prune the right way. His crew always comes as planned and cleans up the garden, even after the storms. His fees are also competitive. Trust his service; you will not be disappointed and your garden will thank you.

More Services

The services that we offer are not limited to the ones mentioned above, we have other services to offer as well. If you need palm tree services, tree removal, and irrigation services. Rest assured that we provide the same level of commitment to every service that we offer.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Landscapers

To ensure that you are not wasting your money on your lawn, it’s best that you have go-to professional landscapers. From installation to maintenance of the elements, it’s labor-intensive. There are things to do that are simple and there are others that are difficult. Whether it’s a simple or hard task it’s best if you hire a landscaping contractor, you can be assured of reliable results.

Turn to Us

JJ Landscape Service INC was established in 2017 but we have been in the industry for more than a decade. We can assure you that you will get quality landscape service from us. Our handy work is at display all the time, we see to it the results are pleasing. We have a reputation to protect especially that we are licensed, insured, and bonded.

Ensure your landscape in Palm Springs, FL is at it’s top shape, turn to us for our residential landscape maintenance services and more. Call our landscapers today!

Amila Sanjiwa
Amila Sanjiwa
Their landscaping services include a wide range of options, from designing and installing custom landscapes to maintaining and enhancing existing ones. They have a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who can provide a variety of services, including tree trimming and removal and much more.
Josué Elias
Josué Elias

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